Electric Netting
Electric netting for sheep, goats, poultry and rabbits.
  • Our high quality nets are supplied in 50 or 25 metre rolls. 
  • Provides a highly effective deterrent - even for rabbits
  • Electric netting doesn't need much tensioning and adapts easily to slopes and dips in the ground

Electric Netting for Sheep

Electric Netting for Sheep- 50M.


Electric Netting for Rabbits

Rabbit Net- 50m


Electric Netting Poultry

Poultry net- 50m


Electric Netting for Poultry - 25m

Electric Netting for Poultry- 25m


AF360 Poultry Netting Kit (50M)

A complete kit suitable for containing poultry and deterring preadators and can be used to create either a new run or divide an existing one.