Electric Fence Energisers, Electric Fencing Solar Panels, Solar Powered Energisers
Electric fencing energisers
The effectiveness of an energiser varies according to the length and condition of your fence, the quality of earthing, the amount of vegetation and of course – the weather. Consider the following before making your selection.

Micro 3 Battery Powered Energiser

Portable 3 Volt Energiser ideal for short fences or taking to events. Designed to hang from a fence or earth stake. Uses 2 x D-cell batteries (not included)

Duo 6 Battery Powered Energiser

Very popular equestrian fencer and its portability makes it especially attractive for weekend show use. It can power up to 6 acres of paddock in good conditions.

Secur 110 HTE Mains Power Energiser

Simple and compact mains energiser for general farm and livery use on medium length fence lines and varying conditions.

Secur 2500 Mains Power Energiser

Ideal for more extreme conditions or long fences- a firm favourite for large farms and yards.


EasySolar Solar Energiser

Suitable for fence lines up to 2km in good conditions. Not recommended for areas with vegetation on the line. Excellent short line or small paddock fencer giving up to 4x battery usage.

Secur 100 Solar Kit Solar Energiser

12v solar system can maintain a battery for the whole season.